Membership BeNefits

  • Be part of a professional WORLDWIDE network of face painters.
  • Competitive Group Insurance, which includes kit protection (for members resident in the UK).
  • Exclusive Retailer discounts from your favourite suppliers.
  • Lisitng in our searchable Online Directory
  • Discounted tickets for our annual conference with competitions, demos, workshops and retailers
  • Area FUN DAYS and FACE jams
  • FREE Tutorials and Demos.
  • Networking and Social Interaction with like minded people
  • High professional standards
  • Working Code of Practice and Conduct.

Members and Non-Members enjoying themselves at the FACE Annual Conference 2020

How to apply

FACE welcomes applications for membership from face painters in the UK and Worldwide who have achieved a good basic standard in their work. 

New applicants are required to pass a certification assessment before being accepted for membership. The assessment comprises a practical demonstration of painting ability, and a short written questionnaire on hygiene and safety practices. You will see some examples of assessment faces below.

For further application details, including costs, please download the information sheet.

When you are ready, fill in the application form and get the ball rolling!

Important Information:

Certification assessment criteria

Code of practice

Code of conduct

Should you have any questions concerning applications please contact

We look forward to welcoming you to FACE