Organising an event is stressful enough - booking a FACE member can give you peace of mind.

FACE has introduced quality standards to the face painting industry. All members hold public liability insurance provided it is available in their country (£5m cover in the UK). Each has passed a stringent accreditation assessment to be accepted as a member, ensuring their work meets the benchmark set by FACE.

Members maintain high levels of health and hygiene to protect the faces they paint, which is welcomed by clients and parents alike, and only use products which have been approved for use on face and bodies. Members can produce fantastic artworks quickly to minimise queuing times at your event.

FACE maintains a directory of members that provides a central point to locate proficient, fast, insured painters in whom you can have complete confidence in quality, reliability and professionalism. 


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Some important things to look for when booking a face painter for your party or event

  • Do not book a painter just because they are the cheapest on price. An insured, experienced, trained painter will also work much faster, so more children will be painted in the given time with more likelihood of looking like what they had asked for!
  • A professional painter will know their products and how to use them to their best advantage.
  • A professional painter will be able to tell you the best way to remove the paints and when by.
  • It is not advisable to use a painter who does not look clean or have clean equipment and professional face paints which meet the relevant skin regulations.
  • If the painter or their equipment looks unhygienic, dirty & untidy, think about whether you want them to paint your child’s face and if they might pass on any infection from a previous child.
  • A professional painter will not paint anyone who has any open cuts or sores or fresh bruising, a cold sore or conjunctivitis, urticaria or any other obvious or known infection or skin condition.
  • It is not advisable to use a painter who is not covered by Public Liability Insurance
  • If you have not seen the painters work yourself, or been recommended by someone who has, ask to see examples of their work or take a look at their website, so you have an idea of their standard and experience.
  • If the painter is a member of FACE (the International face painting association) so much the better. All FACE members have to pass an assessment to join, and are monitored every year to make sure standards are maintained. They also can ONLY be a member if they get PLI through our preferred brokers….either Rese Astley or Equity.

If you are looking for a face painter for an event you will want to know that the person you employ is a dedicated professional. FACE members know when painting is inadvisable and will not paint someone who:

  • Has obvious allergies or skin conditions such as eczema
  • Has open wounds, sores on the skin, visible cold sores or conjunctivitis
  • Is obviously not comfortable about being painted, is crying or upset, or is
  • too young to sit still enough to be painted safely

Members reserve the right not to paint a design they consider offensive or unsuitable

All FACE members have public liability insurance (where available in their country) and follow a code of practice to protect the faces they paint.

Read more in the FACE brochure.